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Simone Thornton
Thank you for fixing the order mistake and letting me keep the blue pepper spray. I gave that to my sister after you sent me the purple one.
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Desante Arnold
So many companies to choose from on the internet, so glad I heard about yours. Nice selection of stun guns and batons, I will definitely spread the word about S4RT!
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Tamara Synder
The Pepper Shot Pepper Spray came quickly and as advertised. I gave it a test fire and it shot out a strong spray about 10ft and also MADE IN THE USA..
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Sammy Martin
Received my wildfire pepper spray. I worked hotel security for many years and used many different brands of pepper spray including, Sabre, Mace and Fox Labs. They were good pepper sprays but I really recommend wildfire it is super hot!
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Monica Barnett
"My husband and I ordered 4 of the Runt stun guns for me and our 3 daughters. It's a great product that you can take on the go. Small enough to fit in a small purse or clutch. I haven't had to use it yet (thankfully), but it gives me peace of mind knowing that when going about or for a walk by myself I have protection.
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