Many people confuse the two or simply think they are one in the same. THEY ARE NOT!

At most self-defense workshops, I inevitably get the question from a participant: “Should I get a stun gun taser, so I can shoot an attacker full of electricity?”

“That’s a trick question,” I answer. “Because a stun gun is not a Taser.” In fact, a stun gun does not shoot anything (despite its misleading name). On the contrary, if you want to shoot a non-lethal electrical charge, what you’ll need is a Taser. Now, despite its inability to eject electrically-charged prongs, a stun gun does offer some advantages. So the question is: Which is right for you, a stun gun or a Taser?

  • TASER devices, like the TASER Pulse and TASER Bolt, are designed to “lock-up” a bad-guy’s muscles, a phenomenon called neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI). If a device simply uses electricity to cause pain, it is likely a stun gun.
  • Contrary to portrayals in pop culture, stun guns are not able to cause incapacitation the way TASER devices can.

One downside of the Taser is its need for cartridges containing the electrodes, wires, and gas needed to launch the electrodes to the target. You also can’t fire a Taser in quick succession as you can with a stun gun. Each cartridge only has one shot so you need to aim carefully to make it count. The good news is some Tasers, without the cartridge attached, work just like a stun gun. So if you miss, you can just remove the cartridge and defend yourself. Keep in mind, though, that not all Tasers are like this so you need to check your Taser or the Taser you want if it functions in the same manner.

The main advantage of stun guns is their compact size. Tasers are relatively big, bulky, and shaped like a pistol. Stun guns come in many shapes and sizes, and there are many models that are made to look like ordinary objects like a pack of cigarettes or a cellphone. The small size and disguises prevent an assailant from identifying it and possibly going after it first. This partially negates the element of surprise that an assailant usually has. The last advantage of stun guns is their lower cost. Since stun guns do not have the complex mechanisms used by Tasers in attaching and firing cartridges, it is easier and cheaper to manufacture resulting in an ultimately cheaper weapon that is just as effective for self-defense. We carry both see which one works for you.

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