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Airbnb safety: so how can you protect yourself?

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Planning a vacation get away with your friends can be a fun and exciting time, many peo;le now are using Airbnb, Vrbo finding it cheaper than renting a hotel room. But there are safety protocols you should consider before renting. If it is a woman traveling alone, or a group traveling together. Please beware of the dangers of predators who prey on women traveling alone or in a group.

There have been numerous reports of travelers being harrassed or their units being entered by men claiming to be security guards, property theft and inappropriate behavior by the host themselves.

Nevertheless, situations like this can be scary and may even deter even adventurous travelers from wanting to try vacation rentals again. We urge you to please be careful where you travel and stay, and be prepared to exit the premises at the first appearance of any funny business. Below are some tips you should put to use when using any rental or home-sharing company platform.

Check reviews on multiple platforms

Usually, if an Airbnb host is an avid renter, they use more than one home-sharing platform to rent out their property. A good rule of thumb is to check out the rental on multiple platforms and look at reviews everywhere you can. Search the world wide web!

Use the review filter

When looking up rentals on any site, it would be in your best interest to head to the reviews section. Once there, you can search keywords to help you make substantial decisions on booking with a particular host and at a specific rental. Look up words like “safe”, “dirty”, “sketchy”, and “area” to get a more thorough idea.

Look up hosts on social media and multiple websites

We have way too much access to people on the web, so use that to your advantage. Do as much research as you can on multiple platforms about your host. Search comments, hashtags, and even reverse-image search their profile—check out their friends if you must! Stay alert for anything alarming that may make you want to opt out of a reservation.

Research the area

There are times you come across a superb-looking rental and but things seem too good to be true. The price is low, the hosts are super nice and responsive and there may even be good house favors involved. Scenarios like these can be a result of a not-so-good rental location. There could have been a robbery or criminal investigations in the area and it left a bad rep for the neighborhood. The renters then try to make up for it in other ways. Stay woke!

Use Airbnb Support

If renting with Airbnb, their support is available for questions and help 24/7—don’t rent with a platform that doesn’t provide this. Even though you have your host’s contact, if there is ever an issue, alert Airbnb support immediately and keep chat records.

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