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Home and Personal Security for Seniors

Maybe they’re your parents. Maybe they’re your aunt, uncle, or family friend. Whoever they might be, most of us have some older people in our lives who hold a special place in our hearts. And, as we age, many of us find ourselves undergoing something of a role-reversal with our elderly family members and friends, helping to look after them as they once looked after us, as we visit with them let’s take the time to review their home security. Let’s lay out plan so our elderly loved ones can enjoy a more secure home,and personal safety as they go for walks no matter where they live.

A More Secure Home for Seniors.

Even the most active and independent seniors can benefit from some extra home security. A quick review of their home can expose potential security problems.

Check all the locks on windows and doors, and replace as necessary. If your loved one doesn’t already have deadbolts on their doors, installing them can have a significant effect on their overall home security. Consider installing (or updating) a home security system. Make sure your loved one knows how to activate and deactivate the alarm, along with any other necessary features. If you’re their emergency contact, be sure you know how to use the system as well. For maximum security, a system with GSM capability sends alerts to the monitoring station more quickly, even if the landline is disabled. Make sure all exterior lighting (including security lighting) is in good working order.

Ensure all door mechanisms, peepholes, cameras, etc., are secure and functional, but still easy enough to operate for those who may struggle with arthritis or other challenges. Make sure all garage doors (including side-entry doors) are secured. Consider replacing any hollow-core doors with solid-core, deadbolt-equipped doors for all points of entry.Confirm that any hedges, trees, or other landscaping features do not obstruct the view of the home from the road. Consider defensive landscaping as part of an overall security plan.

Personal Safety and Security

When they are out for a walk or run or bike ride, consider personal security products such as, stun guns, pepper sprays (depending upon their cognitive ability) and most definitely a personal alarm which can not only frighten away an attacker. But also should they find themselves in need of help it can alert passers by. But it can also be used in the home as a door alarm. When possible, encourage them to walk with a group and try to limit walking alone, having independence is very important, but their safety and security must take precedence over feelings.

Security 4R Times has products which can keep them safe, and they are easy on the wallet, we understand that most seniors live on a budget and may not be able to afford to spend an arm and a leg for some expensive security products. We have quality products at an affordable price. Look for our SECURITY FOR SENIORS safety kit coming soon.

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