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Is “Breaking News” Broken News?

Why is it that every news telecast leads with headline “Breaking News.” Are you like me, when you hear those words, you brace for the worst, I mean it’s never good news. Right! Or are we just numb to it. Or maybe it’s just Broken News. We are bombarded with one horrible story after another. How much can our minds handle, bad news, sad news, creeps into our very souls. We must find the good in humanity and saturate our minds with those things!

You see breaking news can be good news, happy news. This blog is not to try to preach to anyone, but to get us to not to let the negative things in our households, communities, city, state, and country bring us to the conclusion, that there is no good any where. There’s alot to be excitied about. Let’s go out into the world with the mindset to ” Make someone smile today.” Let’s start there, and create our own Breaking News. – Offering you safety and peace of mind!

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