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Practice Makes Perfect Preparation!

We’ve all heard the old saying that “practice makes perfect” I say nothing could be further from the truth “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Preparation.” Anything that we desire to become good at, we spend hours of practice preparing for that one moment in time. Why not feel the same way when it comes to your personal security. Let’s say you just bought a stun gun, pepperspray, personal alarm or a stun baton the next step is to prepare yourself on how to use it when needed. No weapon is of use to you if :

1. You don’t know how to use it!2. You can’t find it when you need it!

At Security 4R Times we always encourage our customers to be ready for whatever may come your way. Practice with your stun gun getting use to the feel, the characteristics of it (features etc).. if it has a wrist strap pin making sure that it’s engaged, test fire for no more than a 1/2 a sec. and making sure it’s charged and ready if you need it. There’s no worst feeling than trying to use your stun gun but the battery’s dead. We charge our cell phones daily, take some time once a month to charge your stun gun or baton. Practice using your pepperspray get familiar with it, is it a flip top, or does it have a slide lever, these are important to know, in the event you need it. Make sure you know what direction the spray will fire from. To many times with my own family members they’re excited when they first get their products but when I see them and ask “hey where’s your stun gun, they often don’t even know, or the pepperspray is buried in the bottom of their purse. So take some time to practice how you will respond if God forbid your in that one moment in time!.

And remember practice, practice, practice…. Any questions or for product info email me @ or give us a call toll free at 800) 859-5566

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