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Stop! Think! Decide!

Impulsive actions can get the best of all of us! People are human and we all have made some impulsive decisions from time to time. If we can STOP and THINK about what we are about to do before we act upon it, we can save ourselves a lot of money, trouble, time, and sometimes, heartache. As parents it is our job to teach our children, we can directly teach them through visual supports and lots of repetition to STOP, THINK, and then DECIDE. Having a card with a picture of a stop sign, someone thinking, and then someone deciding, is a great visual reminder to refer to when children, as well as adults need support to practice this skill.  You need to repeat 66 times a behavior to create a new habit.

Stop– consider the consequences of our actions, Think– are there other alternatives which I could use. Decide-the best and safest way to handle the situation. This is often not a long drawn out process, we must do this sometimes in a matter of minutes, seconds. When we are faced with a situation where we must choose between lethal and non-lethal use. The wrong choice can have life altering consequences. What we think or feel, and what the law says are two different things. Lethal force is not always the solution to every situation, and it changes both parties lives permanently.

Making the wrong choice, could lead you into financial ruin, which could lead to loss of your job and your family and quite possibly your freedom.

At Security 4r Times we offer non-lethal yet life saving alternatives. Which are legal ways to protect yourself and your family. Our products can most definitely change the out come of a seemingly hopeless situation. Giving you the advantage, is what we do! Non-lethal force is not a sign of weakness, it is legally protecting what’s yours while conserving life. Not every situation is life and death. So Stop, Think, Decide what’s the best decision for your particular circumstance. So Shop our selection of non-lethal yet life saving products: Offering you safety and peace of mind – We are Security 4R Times

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